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Created Feb 24 16, Updated Feb 24 16 17:50
Photonic propulsion to reach the stars? go to comments

It looks like photonic propulsion could reduce space travel time and at last, allow us to explore the stars… (at least with probes)

seen via NASA researchers are working on a laser propulsion system that could get to Mars in 3 days

photonic propulsion could get a 100-kg robotic craft to Mars in just three days

To be clear, the system isn’t designed to send humans across interstellar distances – first of all, robots are far better equipped for that mission, and secondly, we’d be far too heavy. Instead, Lubin proposes wafer-thin spacecraft that can get close to the speed of light.

Photonic propulsion ©

... it’s gonna be problematic with heavier stuff (e.g. humans especially as they would like a way to come back)... but this looks exciting and feasible for explorative probes!... If one finds a way to brake?
Otherwise nothing beats nuclear pulse propulsion – the only interstellar space drives that could theoretically be constructed with available/old technology… (but that sadly will never happen)

A Roadmap to Interstellar Flight

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