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Created Feb 23 17, Updated Feb 23 17 19:16
Blood juvenation & epigenetic changes go to comments

A Blood (stem cell) rejuvenation experiment shows that epigenetic changes appear to be the main driver of (blood) aging; not the accumulation of permanent DNA mutations.
Old blood cells were reprogrammed into induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells; haematopoiesis from these iPS clones was indistinguishable from that associated with young mice, ruling out that permanent DNA damage causes their initial decline in function.

© California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (via flickr)

our results fail to support the view that accumulations of DNA mutations in genes critical for haematopoiesis would be the principal/only mechanism for aged-dependent functional decline of HSCs. Instead, our results favour an altered epigenome to be a major contributor to HSC ageing.

Clonal reversal of ageing-associated stem cell lineage bias via a pluripotent intermediate Nature Communications, 2017; 8: 14533

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